Day 10: Hooray a completed project

Have been on and off on Django for the past 3 weeks… and it is with much joy that I proclaim to have finished my first ever completed project on django. Although its a small one, and i followed a (slightly erratic) tutorial, I managed to understand a good bit about how the model, view and url system works in Django. I also managed to fix quite a few bugs along the way. Overall I think it is a good milestone.

Proceeding from here, I think its time to get a little bit more fundamental and delve into the theory. My thinking is that if i continue to build more apps, I will meet a lot of problems, and not understand much of what I am doing. I think I want to take some time to learn from the official Django Book.

My future steps will be to read up, and do some practices, from the Django Book. Probably cover a few of the more important chapters, before taking a crack at a real project that I have been wanting to build. Spoilers here… it could be either a travel inspiration site, or a gym routine site. I hope to get there in 2-3 weeks time.

Okay let’s go!

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