Day 2: Still pretty hazy

Now that I have done the basic tutorial. I got a good idea of what is going on in django’s architecture in a rather brief way. Like the tutorial mentions, I have only covered less than 10% of everything. The next step would involve drilling down into the depths of django. Practice is important. I need to work on some small projects to practice and read more about the deeper parts of django. My next steps would be to search around the web for some other django starter projects. See what I can find…

Delve Deeper Readings about Django: Topic Introductions
jango Introduction Book: Build a Social Bookmark App
Pinax Hands On Tutorial: Build a Bookstore App in Pinax

I think I prefer to build more apps before reading the theory. I would be doing the Pinax Tutorial to get an idea on how to work with the templates. I will also be using Eclipse as my IDE next to figure out if that works better (so far textWrangler has given me some unintended ‘tabbing’ and ‘hypen-nation’ errors).

This time I will cut down on documentation on the tutorial as it can be accessed from the link, rather I will focus more on very important concepts I learnt & debugged errors.

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