Day 0: Preparing for the battle

Starting out is always the hardest part. There are many decisions to be made and a myriad of choices out there: which OS, which IDE, what tutorial for beginners etc… And a wrong step could cost me a lot more time scrolling down forums and debugging.

I have decided to work with what I have for a first cut, so here are the settings:

– OS: Mac OSX 10.7.5 (Mountain Lion)
– IDE: Eclipse 4.2 Juno (corei5=64bit for J2EE)
– IDE Plugin for Web Development Aptana Studio 3 <recommended> (download instructions for eclipse plugin) comes with PyDev (just PyDev setup instructions)
 Django: Django 1.4.3 <latest stable version, supports python 2.7.x> (install guide)
 Python: Python 2.7.1 <ships with mac> but I installed a newer 2.7.3 version from

I will come back and make adjustments if these decisions prove to be problematic. So without further ado, let’s start setting up:

1) We will install Eclipse Juno (for J2EE) in Applications > Eclipse_Juno.
2a) Next follow PyDev setup instructions to install plugin PyDev
2b) Follow the PyDev Getting Started tutorial to set up a project
3a) Download and install Django
3b) Create a Django project with Writing Your First Django App tutorial

OK now lets refer to tutorials…

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